About Ducati Bevel Dash Lights by Allied Plastics

Welcome to the Allied Plastics online store.

Listed are quality products including reproductions of the Ducati bevel dash lights for Ducati Darmah & various model MHR 900.

Our goal is to reproduce a quality product, replicating with accuracy while incorporating modern manufacturing techniques and technology.

We welcome all inquiries on reproducing any discontinued or hard to find parts and have a full team of experienced design engineers and toolmakers, along with an injection molding facility.

Our story

I started making Ducati bevel dash lights to suit the Ducati Darmah and MHR 900 because production had ceased, not even Ducati continued the line. I still ride and love my Darmah, but like many other bevel enthusiasts, I was trying to repair my original lights with the all too common frustration: no matter how hard I looked, I could not find any available.

I have a 35-year background in engineering & manufacturing, so I have a lot of experience working on these kinds of components.

After making and testing numerous prototypes using 3-D printing, I developed the perfect replicas. Arguably, they are even better than the originals because of improved design features, from the injection molding aspect to the electronics.

Where possible the coloured polycarbonates pieces have radius curved and edges to reduce stress cracking, while the printing on the face is done using a durable all-weather process.

I used the standard dash from my 1981 Darmah during R&D to ensure the lights were a good snap fit into the dash.

The electrical system is fitted with LED’s using twin diodes eliminating any polarity issues which also serves as a spare light in the unlikely event of the first diode failing.

I chose to make the male connectors from .9mm solid copper giving durability and excellent conductivity with the PCB.

I have been using these on my own bike for 12 months and had several friends testing them out before I did a production run. The feedback has been fantastic with stores all over the world wanting to order my Ducati Darmah and MHR 900 lights.

My goal was not only to replicate the Ducati bevel dash lights but reproduce a superior product to complement the classic bevel, and believe we have exceeded expectations.