Ducati Replacement Lights Compatibility Guide

Our Ducati replacement lights are compatible with four Ducati motorcycles manufactured between 1977 and 1984.

Please ensure you check your Ducati motorbike against our compatibility guide to ensure our Ducati replacement lights will be compatible with your bike.

Ducati SD900 Darmah

1977DucatiSD900 DarmahCompatible
1978DucatiSD900 DarmahCompatible
1979DucatiSD900 DarmahCompatible
1980DucatiSD900 DarmahCompatible
1981DucatiSD900 DarmahCompatible
1982DucatiSD900 DarmahCompatible
1983DucatiSD900 DarmahCompatible
1984DucatiSD900 DarmahCompatible

Ducati SSD900 Darmah

1979DucatiSSD900 DarmahCompatible
1980DucatiSSD900 DarmahCompatible
1981DucatiSSD900 DarmahCompatible

Ducati MHR 900

1978DucatiMHR 900Compatible
1979DucatiMHR 900Compatible
1980DucatiMHR 900Compatible
1981DucatiMHR 900Compatible
1982DucatiMHR 900Compatible

*The above table is a compatibility guide only on standard models.

Reference: Ducati Twin Restoration Guide, Bevel Drive 1971-1985/Ian Fallon